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Based in Paris, France, The Knotting Studio was founded by art therapist and craftswoman Emily Clemson who believes that sustainable fashion can be cool, practical and affordable. 

The Knotting Studio was founded by Emily in 2019 with the moto of style, function and sustainability at the heart of each design. However The Knotting Studio's journey began long before it was given a name.

Like many of us Emily enjoys fashion and using it as a mode of self-expression; in her early twenties she enjoyed the freedom fast fashion allowed her to experiment with style and trends blissfully unaware of the industry's impact on the environment.

It was during a 30 day vegan challenge in 2015 that Emily became passionate about environmental issues, learning about her effect as a consumer and the dark side of the fast fashion industry.  

Emily spent a few years living this vegan lifestyle and couldn't believe how difficult it was to find sustainable fashion that was affordable and with a contemporary aesthetic.

The Knotting Studio was born when a friend asked Emily to create a line of macramé bags for his market stall in Japan, it was the boost she needed to turn her hobby in to a professional business and positively contribute to the sustainable fashion industry.   


Since 2019 The Knotting Studio has been creating macramé bags and homewares with sustainability at the forefront; designed to be practical, high quality and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Every item is hand made by Emily with care and thoughtfulness and each piece is unique.

The Knotting Studio is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and works hard to continuously improve and innovate in order to achieve this : 

Currently we use a mixture of recycled cotton cord and organic cotton cord depending on the project; it is sourced within Europe to keep emissions from shipping to a minimum.


We also use sustainably sourced paper mailers that are 100% biodegradable.   

If you have have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear your feedback and chat about how we can do better. 

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